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42.2 Km Township to Township 2013

Start on Undlondlo Road outside Princess Mogogo Stadium. Runners proceed east. At the second traffic Circle runners proceed with traffic to turn left into Malandela Road. At the robot runners turn right to proceed east on Queen Nandi Drive.Here the runners will proceed east contra flow.They then turn right into Musa Dladla Drive, but keep to the left to run with traffic and then turn left into John Dory. Here the runners will run with traffic, then turn left into Marble Ray Drive to run with traffic, then left into Yellowfin Crescent, left into Hippo Road. They then turn right into Barvale Road. Left into Donkin Road and right into Joyce Road. Runners will need to keep to the left on JoyceRoad.Runners then turn left into Inanda Road(M21) and keep left. They will then cross Inanda Road at the main robot intersection to continue into the N2 Outer Ring Road(parallel to N2. The runners will be running contra flow on this section. They will the turn right into M19 – running contra flow. They will veer right to continue on the Reservoir Hill on ramp, then turn left into Quarry road West. They then turn right into O’ Flaherty Road which becomes Clare Road. Runners then turn right into Rippon Road which becomes Locksley Drive.

At Loon Road they will turn right and immediate left. They will then cross Locksley Drive to continue on Harris Crescent. Runners then turn right into Cullingworth Road to cross Jan Smuts Highway(King Cetshwayo) to continue on Candella Road. This road becomes Dunbar Road.Runners then turn left into SPCA access Road and proceed all the way to Harry Gwala Road.

At this intersection runners turn left (into Harry Gwala – keeping right – contra flow) and then turn right into Vusi Mzimela(M10) – old Cato Manor Road.
Runners then cross Edwin Swales(M7) to continue on Wakesleigh Road(M10) and turn left into Cliffview Road. At the stop street runners will proceed left into Sarnia Road(M5).
Runners will then turn right into Coedmore Road, pass the cement factory, cross the Umhlatuzana River and turn left into Kingfisher Road.They will then turn left into Kenyon Howden Road and proceed all the way down to South Coast Road(M30). Here the runners turn right to veer right into the on ramp from Pendlebury Road. This road becomes Hull Road. At the traffic circle, runners turn left into Gwala Street. At the south end Gwala street turns left. Runners proceed on this road to turn right into Mangosuthu Highway. At Mega City robot/intersection runners cross over to run with traffic.
Runners proceed west and turn left into the stadium for the finish.

Route G